The experience of our management team is one of Northern’s biggest assets. Guided by a seasoned Advisory Board of directors, the management team has created a strict and methodological approach to identifying, evaluating, managing and exiting real-estate investments.

Northern Investment Partners Inc. (Northern) invests in Canadian real-estate focused primarily in the Wholesale Data Centre Market. Our underlying philosophy is to take advantage of the ideal conditions and abundance of natural resources that Canada has to offer. We structure our investments to closely align our interests with the management of our portfolio companies. In each of our portfolio companies, we assign dedicated management teams that have a vested interest in the success of the ventures. We work together with the management to create long-term financial returns for all shareholders.


Fundamental to each of our investments is the concept of alignment of interests: as equity partners, we succeed when our portfolio companies succeed and in turn, in each of our portfolio companies, its managers are shareholders and have vested interest in the success of their business. In addition, Northern encourages the implementation of equity-linked long-term incentive packages to further align the interests of management with those of shareholders.


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