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Our strategy is to focus on investments at the core of which commercial and industrial real-estate developments creates significant value to our properties.


We will invest in technology-based real-estate by building world-class facilities that will show strong free cash flow characteristics in high-growth sectors.

Our home market is Canada, where we intend to invest in entities that take full advantage of the extraordinary raw materials that this country has to offer: water, abundant and inexpensive renewable power, cool weather and a stable socio-political environment.


We will have a lead position in our investments, which will allow us to drive important strategic decisions and affect change without being involved in the daily operating decisions of the businesses.

We offer an pro-active support to our underlying assets, diverse operational expertise and long-term capital to help grow our investments.


Our team is seasoned and has extensive experience successfully building organisations from inception to exit.  We work closely with our management to create value at every step of the investment process.


Our objective is to realize the full potential of our portfolio companies by helping them attain their growth plan.


Our Mission is to identify investment areas where we can use the talents of our most valuable assets, our people, to create exceptional value for our stakeholders.


Our Vision is to create a lasting organisation with a reputation for integrity, that takes advantage of the natural resources that Canada has to offer.

Mission and Vision
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